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Future Tech Lab

Experience the 360-degree video

"Future Tech Lab"
with the 360-degree video

Up to 6 visitors, wearing VR headsets and sensors, can simultaneously experience the demonstration using the most advanced VR system. You can see firsthand DENSO’s latest technology developments through it. On this website, we provide you a 360 degree video so that you can enjoy a similar experience to the one at the DENSO's booth with your PC or smartphone.
*Turn captions on when you watch the video.

How to watch・Precautions

How to watch on PC

You can enjoy the 360 dgree video by clicking and dragging or clicking the pan button in the upper left corner with your mouse.

How to watch on smartphone

You can enjoy the 360 degree video by moving your smartphone from side to side and up and down. With a VR scope, set your smartphone in the scope and play the video in the Cardboard mode of the YouTube app.

ー Precautions ー

  • Some video content may cause sickness. If this happens, stop watching the video.

<When you watch the video with a VR scope>

  • The contents are side-by-side videos. Note the following precautions before watching the videos.
  • Side-by-side videos produce 3D images by taking advantage of the parallax between the eyes. There are personal differences in the 3D experience.
  • Children below seven must not use the VR scope. Older children who may suffer from crossed eyes must not use the scope, either.
  • The VR scope blocks the real-world view. Remove the scope before moving.

Three experiences
of Future Tech Lab



Experience a test of the sensing technology that detects the situation around the vehicle. This is one of the core technologies of automated driving.
See how the sensor device senses hazards ahead of the vehicle.


Energy management

Experience a test to optimize the energy efficiency.
Learn how components convert electricity into a power source, and experience the look-ahead energy management and regenerative power generation.



Experience a test of the technology that protects the vehicle connected to a network from cyberattacks.
Use a shield against attacks from cyber-threats around the vehicle.